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About Krazy Kat Publications 

Krazy Kat Publications  was set up  in 2017  to publish the stories written  by Deborah Brookes  and illustrated by polly rabbits.  Having  initially  been offered a book deal by a New Zealand Publisher for my first book, who without consultation changed the cover design, size, layout and text of the original book I decided to establish my own publishing company where I had control of the design process and the full copyright of all my works. 

Deborah Brookes: Writer  

Deborah is passionate about encouraging children to read. An avid reader from childhood herself she always loved poetry and singing. Her youngest son has Aspergers so she is familiar with the  problems that children face when reading. Her light bulb moment to write a book came at 30000ft flying over the Pacific to New Zealand. Now she has the writing bug. She likes to write fun stories that children and parents can read and enjoy together.

Deborah Brookes is a member of the NZ Society of Authors.


"Life is an adventure ... enjoy the journey".

Polly Rabbits:  Illustrator & graphic designer.

Polly is an accomplished illustrator with a variety of different styles and methods in her repertoire. 

She is a traditional artist as well as digital, using colour pencils, pen and ink, gouache and markers in her work. Her business is called Pawprints Design & Illustration.

"I love to illustrate... it's what I do".

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