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Angus Mc Paw's Monstrous Adventure.

Angus is a cute little sock monster that lives on the back of a door with all his family who are made up of lost socks. He gets into all sorts of mischief. In this adventure he sets of to raid the fridge but not everything is as it seems. 

Published 2017

RRP $20 NZ  Inc 15% GST  

RRP £8.99 UK

ISBN 978-0-473-41658-4

Written by Deborah Brookes 

Illustrated by Polly Rabbits 


Euphemia A Fairy's Tale 

A children's picture story book.

Euphemia receives an invitation  to the midsummer fairy ball but her wardrobe is" worn and threadbare".  "Oh what is a fairy to do ", read this delightful tale of how Euphemia solves the problem with a little help from her fairy Gothmother.

Published  2018 

RRP $25 NZ  Inc 15% GST

RRP £9.99 UK  

ISBN13:  978-0-473-44751-9

Written by  Deborah Brookes 

Illustrated  by Polly Rabbits 


 Angus Mc Paw's Monstrous Escapade!

The second in the series of Angus Mc Paw picture books tells of Angus's latest escapade.  After his mum tells him off for being naughty he decides to pack his bags and leave home. What could possibly go wrong?

Published 2021

RRP $20 NZ Inc 15% GST

RRP £8.99 UK 

 ISBN 13: 978-0-473-57043-9

written by  Deborah Brookes 

Illustrated by  Polly Rabbits 




Deborah's  latest Book

 Angus Mc paws Monstrous escapade is now available 

Order direct  from krazy Kat publications or your nearest book store 

Deborah is currently working on another book with her  brilliant  illustrator 

Polly Rabbits.

Professor Doolallytat & the Time Machine (or a maidens cautionary tale )

 A steampunk picture book  with a plethora of characters exploring the time and space continuum.

Find out how the mademoiselles are saved from a  "fate worse than death" by the timely intervention of "Matron" in her steampunk bathchair.


awaiting funding

Written by Deborah Brookes 

Illustrated by Polly Rabbits 

Captain Zaff & the steampunk Kraken

A steampunk picture book


"Septic peg " the ships cat looks on with distain as  "Archie pelego"  Captain Zaffs navigator,  gets them lost again. While "Mortice & Tenon"  the carpenters crew spend all day making tea.  A tale of unworthy Pacific freebooters who by accident find a mysterious island. 


awaiting funding 

Written by Deborah Brookes 

Illustrated by Polly Rabbits 

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