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"Angus McPaws Monstrous Adventure" 

Deborah Brookes: Polly Rabbits : Children's fiction 2017

"...Ever wondered what happened to all those lost socks ? Our story involves a little sock Monster call Angus Mc Paw. He Lives with  his Mum, Dad, Granny and Pops. He  gets up to mischief and into all sorts of scrapes. "With mischief in mind he targets the fridge to open the doors " but gets more than he bargained for in this adventure. Adults will enjoy reading the story which is full of little visual jokes and puns throughout. With bright colourful illustrations for children to enjoy. 

Published by Krazy Kat Publications 

Printed in New Zealand & UK 

NZ Distributer  The copy press

UK Distributer Krazy Kat publications UK

ISBN 978-0-473-41658-4

On sale online and at the following retailers:  

Paper Plus  (Nelson - Richmond - Blenheim )  Nelson I-Site, Crackerjack Toys,  The Sea Chest  gift shop,  Cruellas, Delicious  Homeweres, Kiwi Originals, Crafty or Wot, Baby on the Move, Waterstones UK 

 krazy Kat  publications  children's book publisher 

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